Comprehensive Hardware Development Solutions by Radiocord

Radiocord specializes in electronics design and development services, and hardware engineering.

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Custom Hardware Development Services

Radiocord offers hardware development for electronics and embedded systems, including PCB layout. Our engineers work with a variety of processor architectures, interfaces, and memory types.

We implement the latest technologies and prepare businesses for the global market. Ready to redefine possibilities?

Dive into the future with Radiocord!

With us, every innovation is a step towards a more connected and intelligent world.

Our Hardware Development Services


Our services in hardware design

1. Schematic diagrams and PCB design
2. Modeling & Simulation
    1. PCB 3D modeling
    2. Thermal simulation
    3. Signal integrity analysis (SI)
    4. Electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC)
    5. Power integrity analysis (PI)
3. FPGA Programming and IP Kernel Design
4. JTAG-Testing and Microcircuit Programming

Our Hardware Development Projects

  • Fire Alarm System Development  
  • Industrial Network Switch Development  
  • ADC-MCU Integration for SDR Device 

Why Radiocord?

Predictable Roadmap

We understand the value of your time and resources. You will get fixed deadlines and budgets with an independent evaluation of your project. We are committed to your success.

Exceptional expertise

Various successfully completed projects in specific market segments with smooth-running processes. You’ll get regular feedback and timely approval.

Flexible models

Flexible cooperation models that are tailored to the goals and capacities of your business. We prioritize your goals and expectations.